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What is search engine optimization

SEO! Search engine optimization is one of the best trick to make gold.

If your website is showing on the top of search engine. It means your website can act as a hen which lays golden eggs.

So, building a website with such smart keywords. That your website will be shown to the top results on searching is SEO. Which is very easy task for SCIENTIFICATT.

If you have a skilled person in SEO. You can make money to a greater extent. For this purpose your website should be shown on the top 10 results and otherwise it is not good.

There are about more than 200 factors for search engine optimization. And a lot of tricks to make your website to get the best traffic of audience. For being on the top 10 results.

    What is SCIENTIFICATT and How SCIENTIFICATT can help you?

    Its a world wide digital company. Providing all solution for any digital problem.

    SCIENTIFICATT is providing you a best team. Fulfilled with all these tricks and skills required for SEO. Who can help your website in getting best search engine optimization. And you will be able to earn a lot of money by increasing your website’s traffic.

    SCIENTIFICATT has skilled members in

    On page SEO

    On page SEO

    In this type we have to do such settings of your website. Which will make the website more likable by Google. It includes your website writing, speed optimization, keywords optimization, image captions, image all text. And hence all the things which are in your hands ! To control.

    SCIENTIFICATT can help to boost up your website’s traffic by setting all these things.

    Off page SEO

    Off page SEO

    It means! How strong votes is your website getting from other website. These votes are known as black links and the most powerful votes are known as guest posting or guest blogging. In which attractive and creative blogs are written for the web sites to attract more traffic.


    What are backlinks and how they work ?

    Back links are basically the links which are created at the back of a website or they are referred by other websites.

    In simple words ! If you go for shopping and you need a best cotton fabric. You will start to ask about fabric shop from other shops. Those shopkeepers will refer the best one or votes for the one shop. You will definitely first visit that shop with more votes. These votes and refers are backlinks.

    To create these backlinks require specific tricks.

    technical SEO

    What is technical SEO

    It is one of an important part of on page SEO. It requires best knowledge of information technology, web development and coding skills.

    All the technical problems and technical aspects of website require technical SEO. Which is the main important thing for better crawling and better indexing of your website

    technical SEO

    Techniques which are used in technical SEO.

    • Web page speed or load time. Whenever a user visits your website. He should get the best experience related to speed and time.
    • Redirect pages
    • To make website more friendly.
    • txt

    Local SEO

    Local SEO

    To present your product or website in best way in front of local audience is local SEO. About 80% of local searches are done by mobile. And about 95% of audience use Google.  Which shows result on the basis of Google My Business.

    Google My Business see your product from many different platforms. Including social media, Facebook YouTube and different client reviews.

    To rank your product or website on limited region and geographically depending on local audience is local SEO.

    Social bookmarking

    Social bookmarking

    You can drop your website link on other visiting websites. Just as ! Sometimes you bookmark pages for your convenience. The links of website is created in bookmark. Similarly you can drop your links on many other social websites. Which is termed as social bookmarking. Here the main trick is to create backlinks on top social websites ! Not on the local websites because on local website it will not be that beneficial.

    The digital company SCIENTIFICATT has a team. Which is full of all these skills and tricks. Can create the best blogs and can get the best traffic for any website. If it is client’s website or our owns.

    In short !

    In short !

    SCIENTIFICATT is the world wide digital company ! Which can perform the best SEO. For any website. And has a special skilled team members for all the factors of SEO.