What is ad tech and how does it work?

By Ezzah

What is ad tech:

Ad Tech is the system of advertising. Means all the technologies which are interrelated for advertising of any brand or product. Nowadays advertisers and publishers combine with mutual understandings. To solve both side problems and give more better results. So, the advertisers set up whole campaigns for placing ads. Which includes various steps which are discussed below. and after passing through all these steps ads are made.

 This is ad tech! Running digital advertising campaign!

How online advertising starts

Suppose we have a website for any publisher, and we put some of the content there. And now the website contains some spaces on their page to put the advertisings.

At starts there was totally human involvement. And The technology was not as much grown as today.

So, In the beginning of advertising era!

The companies and advertisers had to contact directly to the website for putting their advertisements. And there was a direct connection. And human connection between the two of them. Between the publisher and the advertisers.

There were no add exchangers. But Now as the online advertisement grows with time and digital technologies get into Being. The website for advertisements increases with a higher rate and which means space for advertisements increases.

But the companies and advertisers were very limited at that time. So, Demand became rare. But supply was increased.

 Beginning of add exchangers and ad networks:

To organize the advertisements with more accuracy. And solve fighting scenario between advertisers and publishers. Ad exchangers and Ad networks are made.

 Ad exchangers started to buy spaces in bulk from website to put advertisements. And means they work as a middleman. So, they started to buy vacant spaces from websites. But still for the premium position of websites. Publishers must directly contact with websites.

What are ad networks:

 Ad networks are made to arrange all the publishers and websites. So. For Example if ad network 1 will deal with some of the publishers 1, publisher 2, and publisher 3. And ad network 2 will deal with some of the other number of publishers which includes publisher 2, publisher 4 and publisher 5. Means they are collection of advertisers or publishers. And in simple words they deal with number of publishers.

 Now! As the number of add networks increases with time. We needed to organize ad networks also. So, ad exchangers are developed.

 what are add exchangers:

Ad exchangers came into being to arrange and organize all the ad networks. More accurately! So, It contains collection of ad networks. And this is the main place. Where buying and selling of the spaces and advertisement is going on. It is where real time bidding is going on.

Problems we were facing at that time:


How many people are seeing our ads? And how many clicks on ads are made? How many people visits website? We didn’t know about it. So, it was just working as a magazine. We were not able to know our results and our growth.


Ads are displaying to the relevant people or not. For example, If a car racing game ad is published. So, it is not relevant for the old age people. But through best targeting. We would be able to show our ads to the best targeted audience. And will get the best results.

Everyone grows after facing problems

Now for solving all these problems. Because the digital marketing grows to a greater extent. Ad networks and add exchangers are developed. SSP supply side platforms and DSP demand side platforms are developed. So, now advertisers do not have to directly contact with large number of publishers or websites. Because they can contact multiple ad networks and multiple publishers. By using ad exchangers at single place.

What is DSP:

It is the software which means demand side platform. Advertisers, companies, and brands always have some demands. For their advertisements. So, it works for advertisers and companies they give their demands. That what will be the target audience, age group, how much money they will give. At what location they want to place ads etc. So, companies first link with DSP for their advertisement approvals.

 What is SSP

 They work for publishers, websites, and spaces for advertisements. Because they take information of audience. For example, at this website which type of audience visits. what is the category of the ad and audience? And how you will show the advertisement at the app. All the advertisers and websites will first contact with SSP.

Beginning of programmatic advertising:

To solve all these problems, we were facing. Programmatic advertisements came into being. This whole process of removing direct human involvement. And increasing machine involvement. For solving problems is termed as programmatic advertising.

It solves the problem. Because tracking is done by sending information of visitor to ad networks. So, now they will show the relevant ad to the relevant audience. And this whole connection and interlinks with each other is termed as programmatic advertising.

Ad tech:

This whole ecosystem of buying a space and managing advertisements. And measuring digital advertisement is ad tech. Because this is a whole system which includes some of the pillars like SSP supply side platform and demand side platform. ad networks and ad exchangers. They work with their mutual understanding to provide relevant ads to the relevant group of people. And maximize return on investment for brands. By giving growth to digital advertisements.

Ecosystem of advertising technology.

Importance of ad tech:

  • Everything is going online day by day. And Internet population is increased to a greater level. So, everyone wants to advertise their product and there is too much competition in digital world. So, ad tech becomes necessary for publishers and companies. Who wants to show their best advertisements?
  • It is very important. If you want to show your ad campaigns to the right target audience. Because right advertisement will be shown to right people.
  • It is very important to create more amazing and creative ads.
  • One of the main advantages of Ad tech is that. By contacting a single system, you can contact numerous publishers. So, which means for publishers! Things become easier to manage.
  • It gives you higher return on investment


Summary of this content is that ad tech is the whole campaign. Through which your ads will be shown to right people. In a better way.

It is a whole ecosystem of digital advertising. So, if you want your advertisement to be the best. And you want higher return on investment. Ad tech is an easier way. To get better results.

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