Rich media ads, their advantages, how can we leverage from them?

By Ezzah

How to amplify people’s attention:

Nobody likes advertisements. I got so irritated whenever I’m watching a video on YouTube and add pops up! Uhh!

I hate it especially when add is too boring or traditional. So, how can someone make an add more interesting or entertaining, So, that people will start to like advertisements. Or maybe watch them without skipping. So, If you have also got bored by traditional boring advertisements. This content is for you.

Rich media ad is one of the techniques to help them out from traditional boring style. And making them more charming and fascinating. By the use of media and the techniques of how to use them accurately. So, basically through rich media ads you can click to your viewer’s brain through your mind-blowing ideas.

What are rich media ads:

Rich media ads are those advertising banners. Which can be full of media, videos, audios, text, animations, or anything. So, In simple words they are advertisements which is an amalgam of all medias.

It gives more entertainment and more ways for gravitating the customers. Because they are like tools. By using your brain or ideas. And by choosing the perfect tool you can grasp your customers.

Differences between standard display ad SDA and rich media ads RM:

  • SDA contains only text and image. Which we cannot expand so they may contain limited information.
  • But RM contained mixture of any media or maybe expanded to give the details about advertisements. So , They carry huge information.
  • SDA is not compatible with Java and JavaScript. But RM is compatible.
  • SDA do not use different features and videos. But RM is full of different features.

Some of the formats of rich Media ads are

There are many but some are discussed below:

Banner ads:

Just like the banners present at the doorstep of a shop clicks the customers attraction. Similarly, the online banners are used to attract eyeballs of online users.

They are usually static or fixed. And it may consist of an image or multimedia. By clicking on it. You will get to the advertiser’s website. But sometimes these banners also got ignored. Just as the outside banners of the shops are ignored. So, Rich media banner ads may include hotspot, 3D, reveals and quizzes to make them attractive.

Light box ads:

These ads are named light box. Because of their mastermind use of light box effect. By clicking on these ads, they expand and everything else around it gets a dim effect. Creating a light box effect. So, making them more prominent to the users and more fascinating. In simple words, They usually play with the user’s mind. Making their ads more gravitating.

Multi directional expanding ads:

Floating ads or multidirectional expanding ads usually catch eyeballs by its floating animations. Mainly they do not disturb people’s visiting website. Due to which it doesn’t irritates the users. Making it more likable. Its media and animation expand in different directions on one click making it more fascinating.

Video Ads

They are one of the most appealing and most popular rich media ads. Because they contain whole information about your brand at a single place. So, these videos with many of different pictures related to your brand or product are speaking about your brand. Each picture or view in video will be bombarding a huge amount of data or information. About the brand. So, these types of advertisement can play a huge role. Forr making profit in any business. And nowadays, everyone is obsessed with videos.

Media marketing concept. Flat design stylish. Isolated on color background

Other features and media which produce enchanting effect in these ads are:

  • Live videos
  • GIFs
  • Instagram stories
  • Podcast
  • Infographics
  • Content narration audios
  • Graphics
  • Frames
  • Live streams or webinars
  • Frames
  • Mini games

What are their advantages and how can we leverage them in our marketing?

In any business or brand. Attracting people and audience towards your ideas is a very difficult and important task for leverage. So, using rich media advertisement with unique and mind-blowing ideas can give profit as much as we use our mind.

There are a lot of advantages but some of them are discussed below.

1: Society can get rid of traditional style:

One of the best advantages is that. We can get rid of the old traditional advertisement. By using our own imagination and creativities, We can use them to allure people and get benefits from them. We can get the targeted audience by showing them. What they want to see.

2: Provides you an increase in purchase:

It’s simple!

More sugar is added it becomes sweeter.

Similarly, by using more fascination in rich media ads. More people will attract and buy your product. Because by research it is found that an estimated of 1.16% increase in purchases intended by using rich media ads.

3: Providing you more ways to track user experience.

Click throws was the only way. To get user experience in old traditional ads like SDA.

In rich media ads there are more ways, like you can get number of viewers. Who have watched your video, by interactions, display time, by thumb impressions and full video completions. So, through all these measurements and statics. You can get to know about likes and dislikes of your viewers. Because they are giving you a whole platform of knowledge. That what changes and advancements you can make in your future advertisements.

4: Able to deliver more data:

Apart from the standard banner ads. We can include file size of 200 kbs or larger than 200 kbs, So rich media ads are able to deliver more data or information. To show the value of your brand. But standard banner ads contain bounded information.

More information about your brand is given through ads. Then there will be more of the probability to get long term results and customers.

5: Users are not forced to watch ads:

Customer satisfaction and happiness is always important to leverage our business. Rich media ads do not bother or irritate any user. Because it doesn’t take you directly to publisher’s website. But only by clicking on it you will go to the publisher’s website.

6: Attract people using digital media:

 By using your unique ideas through digital media, you can implement different mind-blowing things.

 One of the examples that. A rich media ad of nail Polish allow their online customers to try various shades on their own hands. Using mobile camera. So, these types of ads give very high CTR.

Similarly, we can use different mind-blowing ideas. Like allowing user to try different makeup, lenses, and dresses. So, by using different ideas we can get more profit for different brands.


The conclusion of this content is that Rich media ads are the basic and important tools for any business or brand. And They provides you a whole world of different and unique advertisement techniques so now it depends on publishers how they use them with their ideas.

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