What are Artificial intelligence and Data Science?

By Ezzah


Artificial intelligence and data Science are breaking the barrier of intelligence between humans and machines. Our whole future depends on Artificial Intelligence. Our whole advertisement system and social media internet are already using AI systems.

Artificial intelligence and data Science


Mankind humans are the noblest of all creatures just because of their intelligence IQ, reasoning, emotions, and sense of thinking about which one is right or wrong. The second step after thinking will be invention, we invent advanced things in order to solve problems.

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All these abilities are found in the human being which makes us different from other creatures.

As technology is getting advanced day by day our desires of getting better and better are also advancing day by day and now, we want to give that natural human intelligence to machines this is called artificial intelligence. We want machines to behave as we think like us to have emotions like us and to have intelligence and smartness like us.

We want machines to learn from experience and then to think and make better decisions for the future based on experience.

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The abilities of human beings which make us different from machines are learning abilities, reasoning abilities, thinking, feeling, and decision-making abilities.


When a baby is born it has natural learning abilities. They start picking up their mother languages. They observe everything around them. We all are observing and learn many things every day through our environment. Technology has advanced to a greater extent than we have given this ability to machines in form of Artificial intelligence and Data Science.

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In our family members someone prefers tea without sugar while someone prefers black tea, some siblings don’t like tea at all and always want coffee. And the family member who belongs to the kitchen must take care of everyone’s likes and dislikes now assume we want this learning and observing of every person’s likes and dislikes in machines and we want machines to work all home chores more accurately with all these judgments.

In the future, Artificial intelligence will introduce such types of robots who can perform all these tasks.

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The reasoning is making a conclusion or making some decision based on existing knowledge.

Let’s assume we are going somewhere. And when we go outside, we concluded that it can be rain during the day by looking at the weather. Then we take an umbrella along with us. We want this ability to be present in robots or machines in form of artificial intelligence.

We Want to feed decision-making power in machines whether the decision would be right or wrong will be a second thing.

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Just assume that we want machines or robots to set our drawers or wardrobe just as we like. This is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is giving all these abilities to machines.


In today’s era, the pace of technology has advanced to a greater level, and we are making our lives more efficient day by day by using artificial intelligence. Even when we are using Google Maps, we are buying some clothes when we are hanging out with our friends at any restaurant and then give reviews about that restaurant or when we are ordering online food. In all these tasks we are using artificial intelligence without even knowing it.


Some of the daily life examples of artificial intelligence which will help to understand it in a more accurate way are.


When we are using Google Assistant or Siri, we are given a command to do something like we are searching for nearby restaurants. Now Google Assistant gives the results of our commands in seconds. When we are searching for something google always predicts what we are going to search for. How do they know about it?  They are learning from our past behaviors Sometimes when we are ordering food like pizza and let’s assume we order cheese-loaded pizza. Then sometimes it gives us a notification that our cholesterol level is high. How do they know about it? Maybe they get to know about it through our hospital visits. Or our google search.

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Sometimes we search on google about some brands like clothing brands or watch brands. Then we started to get all the advertisements along all social media platforms related to our search on google.

Who is behind all these completing tasks by machine?

It is artificial intelligence

They are converting it by natural language processing. They are handling thousands of lines of data per second. This intelligence is Artificial intelligence and Data Science.

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The self-driving car is a big famous application of artificial intelligence.

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When we are driving a car, we are not only handling steering wheels and brakes we are thinking and making decisions about many things. Especially when women are driving, they are also thinking about their dresses. Well, it is an exceptional case.

Tesla company has built self-driving cars Containing all these thinking and decision-making abilities. They can automatically detect objects around them with full self-driving capabilities. Those cars also have the capabilities of self-parking, lanes, and drink, the ability to take the car from the parking spot.

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Elon Musk Tesla CEO implemented artificial intelligence in Tesla’s self-driving car and autopilot features. Currently, there are no vehicles in the USA that are self-driving for stopping but Elon Musk has said that by the end of this year there will be self-driving cars containing artificial intelligence systems that can be used as robotic vehicles or for robotic taxi purposes.

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There are sensors and video cameras inside the car that sensors will learn from the atmosphere and collects data from Google Street View then transfer this data into artificial intelligence software.

The artificial intelligence system in self-driving cars is using three types of sensors cameras, radar, and Lidar. Which will work together and give the same perception and decision-making process as the human eyes and brain.

They will give Clearview of its environment which will help the car to identify the location speed and 3D shapes of the objects around it.

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Artificial intelligence realizes the user’s watch history, users likes and dislikes, his age, time, and then recommendations for the next use. This is a whole recommendation system.

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In today’s era, artificial intelligence can beat humans in just some specific fields but it is predicted for the future it will beat humans in all intelligible tasks. It is predicted for the future that the unstoppable advancement of Artificial intelligence will take over the world.

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In the future machines will be more artificially intelligent. This means they will have learning and observing abilities more than humans. And machines will take over this whole world. Machines will have the greatest powers.

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In healthcare and pharmaceutical

Google Steve mine is used for breast cancer detection in some poor countries people are unable to go to doctors while some areas do not have the facility of doctors in the future artificial intelligence would be able to learn from the history of patients and provide medication through cell phone healthcare rewards are a part of artificial intelligence which can give some assistance in the medical field as given by assistant

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In education

Several education courses are available on mobile phones and smart gadgets through artificial intelligence.

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In cyber security

We would be able to see a robotic military in the future that can perform the same tasks as our military apart from that artificial intelligence has introduced many types of baboons which can increase the cyber security system to protect our nation.

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In today’s era, artificial intelligence has advanced to a greater level That has surpassed mankind. And in the future artificial intelligence will be the greatest power.

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