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It's all started with a great mission and vision of founder to make world class digital solution easily available to all at affordable cost!

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Glorius Years

We are revolutionizing the way people use technology.
We will make technology very much simple and easy to use!

Thirdwave nft
Calbyte Technologies
Adcent media
Renew care
Thirdwave Cafe
All India Neet Counselling
Ag Smarty
The Hindi Blogger
Beaded Broker
Digi Rovers
Maruti Suzuki

Working culture at Scientificatt!

Flexibility to work from anywhere.
Flexibility to work at any time.
Flexibility to work in their own way.
Great learning environment.

What are our
Future Goals?

We as a technology company are working towards future technology that is going to change the direction of Technology in near future!

Technology is rapidly changing day by day and with this advancement in technology, we are looking forward to automate our processes that need human intervention!

Developing high ended solution individually is sometimes not possible for all!

Soon, We are going to launch our different SaaS to help businesses grow!

AI & ML are the future technology that would be going to grow in near future to automate things.

Blockchain is an emerging decentralized technology.

In this technology era real life experience are coming on screen in form of new universe, as metaverse.